Watertown Amateur Radio Club

Watertown 450' Tower Modifications

Pictures by Lucky, K9LUK

Lowering the VHF (2m) antenna from 450' to 400'.
The UHF Antenna remains at 450' Which is now used for D*Star.
Temporary frequency of 450.150+, still waiting for WAR to assign one.
Even tho the height came down 50'on the VHF antenna, 1.25" Hard Line was used, this will reduce the line loss,
the end result in coverage should be the same as it was or maybe even better.
In addition to this many things that are no longer used on the tower are being removed.

Ground Crew, Aaron, KC0WKP, Aaron was a WARC Club member prior to his relocation to Baraboo.

Len, N9QIP, The man in charge of getting stuff done!

Len and Aaron

Lunch at 450'

Here is Tyler Tanner working way out on the outrigger that holds the Antenna at 400', NO WAY!

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